Learn to Tattoo in New York

Intense 10 Day Course

Established since 1990, the US Tattoo School is the largest tattoo academy in the USA.

Currently $3,700. Was $5,200.

For a limited time only, we have reduced our course fees from $5,200 to $3,700. Our courses are recognised throughout the United States. View a full list of the countries that recognise our qualification by checking our FAQ.

Course Information

Our Tattoo Courses consists of over 27 units, carefully planned to give you all of the knowledge you require to set up as a professional tattooist. From set up to how to manage customers that have fainted!

FREE Complimentary entry into NY Tattoo Expo.

Meet & get tattooed by world famous tattoo artists, meet Inkmaster artists as seen on TV, shop unique vendors; see burlesque performances, take seminars and enjoy live entertainment by Coney Island Sideshow Circus.

Take part in giveaways and tattoo contests; shop for original fashion and art.

Watch world renowned tattoo artists & painters from around the world gather to create tattoo art so incredible, you have to see to believe it..plus get tattooed yourself.

The nature of this course is to give students an insight into the world of tattooing allowing them the chance to have some first hand experience in order to pursue their career within the industry.

Moreover, the 10 day intensive tattoo courses in New York are broken up into two weeks and runs Monday to Friday starting at 10am and finishing at 5pm. Furthermore, students will be required to study the theory side of the industry and finally undergo a theory exam. You will then study the practical side of the industry performing a practical exam on the last day of your course. Finally, successful students will then receive a diploma certificate that is recognised throughout the USA and Europe.

Students at the Official Tattoo School will have the luxury of studying in a classroom environment and then given the opportunity to perform the practical exam within a tattoo and piercing studio, over looked by professional tattooists based next door to the academy.

To start with, the week consists of drawing up designs which will be suitable for a tattoo, colouring techniques, difference in needles and what they are used for.

Throughout our courses, the pupil will receive handouts on tattooing, the industry and all knowledge about the apparatus required. During the course, students will be taught legislation/ regulations of professional tattooing.

Moreover, students will also be taught how to dismantle and reassemble tattoo machines so receive a deeper understanding of how they use and learn various parts of the machine. In conclusion, this will help the pupil in the future if they need to change coils, springs, armature bars, etc. In addition, all tattooing on a human skin, will be carried out in one of our licensed tattoo studios.
  • You will be awarded a diploma certificate that is recognised throughout the USA.
  • You will receive an accredited infection control certificate accredited by Tattoo Safe.
  • Unlimited student support for life.
  • Access to online student chat room and networking.
  • Free advice starting up your own studio.
  • Access to our student shop where you can purchase your own machinery and equipment.
  • Free airport transfer for international students *please see FAQ’s for further information.
  • Student booklet and handouts which includes all the information you have been taught on your course.
  • Once you have gained the experience as a professional tattooist you can earn between $70-$220 an hour.

Tattoo Courses In New York - Outline

Our Location

We are conveniently located in Brooklyn New York. All of our Theory and practical is completed here as pictured.