UKOTA Approved as a Registered academy with Tattoo Safe Register!

We are currently the only Academy in Europe to be registered with the Tattoo Safe Register! At UKOTA we take health and safety very seriously, which is why our course theory, for the main part is made up of units covering all aspects of this in tattooing. We asked Tattoo Safe to review our content, and to our suprise, they approved us to be on their register!

As you know, the tattoo industry can be a dangerous one, with many people setting up shop in their homes, resulting in many fatalities. The Tattoo Safe Register, just like the Gas Safe Register, helps regulate the industry to make the public, as well as the operators safer.

So what does this mean for our students?

Through completing your training with UKOTA, you will receive a certificate from the Tattoo Safe Register, who currently charge £300 for their Annual Test Fees. By Being on their register, you are recognised as a tattooist, who has undergone rigorous training and therefore instilling trust within your clients. You will also find it easier to obtain insurance, and registed with your local council. This will all be included free of charge once you complete our course.